Board and Train FAQ

Board and Train FAQ


Board and Train FAQ

Our most popular service at K9 Trainology is our Board and Train. However, despite its popularity, we still get a number of pup parents with lots of questions and concerns.

Being dog parents ourselves, of course we understand. When you’re leaving your pup somewhere for two weeks or longer, it’s natural to have lots of questions to feel confident in your decision.

At K9 Trainology, we believe in our Louisville Dog Board and Train service 100% and are confident that once you know all about it, you will too.

What will my dog’s day look like?

A day at K9 Trainology for your pup is full of excitement! Pups that stay with us take part in two 45-minute one on one training sessions per day with a trainer. Our training sessions involve helping teach your dog the commands, behavior, and obedience that we recommend for all dogs, as well as any issues you specifically ask us to work on. On top of this, your pup also gets three outside sessions per day to get to be outside and play. Lastly, we spend about 30-45 minutes each morning letting your dog out and off leash in our facility to encourage bonding with us and building their confidence while still encouraging basic behavior and obedience tendencies.

What breeds can you take?

We accept all breeds. Believe it or not, we have had breeds all across the board ranging from a 4lb Yorkie to a 250lb Saint Bernard. We’ve had some of the lowest maintenance breeds such as Golden Retrievers to some of the highest maintenance dogs like German Shepherds and Rottweilers, no breed scares us off!

How young is too young?

We recommend training your dog as early as possible. Much like disciplining a child, the earlier you can iterate positive behavior, the easier it will be for your dog to embody that good behavior for life. The youngest we are okay to train is 8 weeks or 2 months old. This gives your pup time to get used to you and used to being in the real world. However, once your pup hits that 2 month mark, we are okay to begin training!

Will they be in heating/air conditioning?

We are blown away that we get this question, and believe it or not, we get this question a lot! YES, your dog will have heating or air conditioning depending on the time of year you choose to board. Your dog will be kept inside at our facility at all times when not training. Never will your dog be left out in the heat or cold without supervision or for extended periods of time. Rest assured we want to treat your pup as one of our own, ensuring their utmost safety.

How many dogs do you take at a time?

This really all depends on the type of dogs, the qualities of thedog, and the type of service each dog is boarding for. For example, we have dogs that board just for boarding purposes while their owner is out of town along with our board and train pups. On another note, each dog’s breed, size, and issues are vastly different from one another. We keep our maximum boarding numbers at 10 dogs at once regardless of what service, breed, size, or issue.

However, with this in mind, we limit our maximum number of board and trains to 3 at a time. This allows us to have the proper amount of time needed to spend with your dog to ensure that they achieve the results you’re wanting by the time their stay with us is completed. If we have a dog with considerable issues such as aggression, we may lower this number to 2 board and trains at least for the first few days of a problematic dog being with us. By doing this, we are more able to tackle the first bout of acclimation for the problematic dog.

All in all, for board and trains, we tend to keep our number to a maximum of 3 at a time.

What follow up support do you offer?

At K9 Trainology, we take dog training seriously. The work that goes into training your dog, and keeping them trained, doesn’t stop once they leave our care. We know that once you have your pup back, just like our past clients, you’re going to have questions and/or concerns on how to effectively execute your training. With this in mind, we make ourselves available for our board and train clients whenever they need us, within respected waking hours. Feel free to reach out to us via text, phone call, or email and we’ll be there ready to help with whatever needs you and your pup may have.

What part of town are you in?

K9 Trainology is conveniently located in the east end of Louisville, KY. Specifically, our location is in Eastwood, KY. We are located just under a mile past Valhalla Golf Club and the Parklands of Floyds Fork at Beckley Creek Park.

Can I come see your place?

We gladly accept visits to our location as we know many dog owners want to see where their pup will be staying while in our care. If you’re considering utilizing our board and train service but are on the fence about it, come take a look at our place and talk with us to put any worries you may have to rest. We are happy to show anyone our location and encourage those considering to come take a look for themselves!

Do you have any testimonials or references?

We do have reviews on Google at We also have a before and after page that showcases a number of the dog’s that we’ve had stay with us so far, you can find this at

In Summary

If you want your dog to be a rockstar, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We get dogs ranging from all 

different walks of life, from those needing work on major issues to those who just need a bit of help gaining the basics of obedience. We take and help them all!

Our board and train dog training in Louisville, KY isn’t limited to just those in Louisville. We serve those within a 3 hour radius of our location to ensure that anyone needing help with their dog that’s within our reach is able to get the training and assistance they need to help their dog become the best versions of themselves.

Take some time to check out our before and after videos and see for yourself the impressive behavior and obedience that can come from any dog!

When you’re ready for your dog to surpass your expectations, contact K9 Trainology!


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