K9 Success Stories

Before & After Training Videos of Recent Members.


Boone jumped on everyone, was an excessive barker, would not come, biting at people and dogs, and did not know any commands.


Diesel would growl and lunge at dogs and humans. He would not obey his owners and knew no commands.


June was a 5 month old puppy who needed some obedience to become the perfect companion.


Jack had extreme anxiety and could not be away from his mom, he was terrible on a leash and a strong puller, jumped on everyone, counter surfed, and did not know any commands.


Samson was rescued from an abusive situation and had extreme anxiety. He was a bad puller and did not listen or focus on his owner and knew no commands.


Ocho had anxiety around new dogs and people and would place his teeth on his owner.


Alven would growl, bite, and jump on people. He knew no commands.


Panga could not even walk on a leash without biting at it and the human walking him, jumping on everyone, would not sit still, and did not know any commands.


Buddy could not sit still and would jump on everyone. He would nip at people and did not listen to his owners.


Smudge could not be walked on a leash, did not listen to his owners, and had a digging and chewing problem.


Tosen would intimidate people and dogs and not obey his owners.

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