Private Training

Our private lessons are designed to give you the 1-on-1 attention you need with your dog. A lot of people are nervous to take their dog into public areas, a lot of people just want the convenience of training at home. Either way we’re here for you. You decide your location and your times and K9 Trainology will come to you to train your dog to the elite level you’re looking for.

Board and Train

Some people don’t want to put in all of the hours of leg work to get their dog trained, some people have a K9 that may need 100% professional help at first, we totally understand that. K9Trainology offers Board and Train for those who are okay to leave their pup in the hands of our trainers for a while, giving your dog multiple daily 1-on-1 trainings.

Obedience Group Classes

Basic obedience is the key to unlocking your dog’s potential for better behavior. Our Basic Obedience Group Classes are designed to teach your dog the basics of obedience, being a good dog and listening to you. Being in a group setting with other dogs, this class is also ideal for bettering your dog’s socialization skills.

Off Leash K9 Training

Your K9 has all of the potential in the world to go from no behavior or obedience training, to training without even needing a leash on. Believe us, we’ve seen it! After conquering obedience and behavior, Off-Leash Training offers the fundamentals from both trainings, and applies them all while your K9 is off leash.

Dog Behavior Modification

Before obedience comes the basic knowledge of right and wrong behavior, the essential to any success in dog training. Right now your dog thinks they are alpha, a mindset that has to be corrected to have you, the owner, on top. Before your K9 can do obedience commands, they need to be reinforced that you are in charge.

Dog Tricks Training

Going above and beyond is a great way to challenge your dog once they begin to master obedience and behavior. Not only does this challenge and help build your K9’s confidence, but it helps reinforce your training. Okay so not all of these commands may be totally needed, but your dog is sure to be proud of themselves when they master these fun, new levels of commands.

Advanced Training

Once your dog has surpassed the entry level of basic obedience in training, they are ready to move up to our Advanced Training. This class allows your dog to go beyond the basics of obedience and use their confidence to unlock new levels of training. A dog must be able to pass the essentials of Basic Obedience to enter into Advanced Obedience Classes.

Dog Agility

Dogs are built for adventure and challenge. Dog Agility gets your K9 on new surfaces, gets them balancing, jumping, and climbing. Build your dog’s courage while encouraging your bond with them guiding them through exciting new terrain.

Dog Protection Training

A very next-level training, K9s that have proven to master advanced obedience and behavior can be taught protection training. Our Dog Protection Training prepares your K9 for real life scenarios where they will be needed to protect you, their owner.

Board and Play

Time for a vacation? K9Trainology has you covered! At K9, we can do a plain and simple boarding of your dog(s). Whether you’re going out of town, or just need some time away from your precious pup and need someone to watch them, we’re here for you! We will board your dog for as long as you need and let them in as one of our own!

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