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About K9 Trainology

K9 Trainology believes in one core fundamental principle: an unbreakable bond between dog and owner.


Through our many forms of training, the core being obedience training and behavior modification, we want to unlock your K9’s potential for success.


Our training helps establish the owner/handler as leader, and your dog as the obedient and well mannered pup they were meant to be. We have molded our own rescue pit bull and taken her from a dog-aggressive, reactive anxious pup and turned her into a well behaved, happy, confident K9. All of this while building an unbreakable bond with her.


With this, we believe that any dog can be taken and molded into a well behaved pup. Your dog wants to be good for you and wants to have confidence in themselves. Get involved with our behavior and obedience training and unlock your dog’s potential. Work 1 on 1 with your dog through this training and build the bond. We will give you all the tools and tricks for training that you can carry to any dog that becomes a part of your life.

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