K9 Trainology Comes to Life

K9 Trainology Comes to Life


K9 Trainology is psyched to announce the start of our blog!

Since the beginning, K9 has managed to grow ourselves beyond where we started with our few original private dog training clients. Since the birth of K9, our small setup has flourished into now a full fledged dog facility and operation, offering both dog training solutions as well as boarding options.

We at K9 give credit to this growth and success to our implementation of consistent obedience guidance for all our client’s and their pups along the way. Our team believes in following the principles of structure, leadership, and communication. These combined with the implementation of obedience and holding a dog accountable for their behaviors has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from the competition.




After losing our dog two years ago, we adopted our first shelter pup, Lucy the pit bull. Not even looking for a new furry friend yet, we visited a local shelter in our home of Louisville, KY shortly after and fell in love. We knew as soon as she came over to us, looked up at us with her big sweet eyes, and backed her butt right up on us to claim us, that we weren’t going home without her.

Here we are nearly two years later and Lucy is now the model for what a trained dog should be and we live and breathe dog training. While Lucy was and is the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet, like many dogs, there was more than what met the eye.

Being outdoor lovers, we quickly took Lucy to the park soon after adopting her. It was our first trip to the park when we came to the hard realization that our sweet pup had major aggression issues. We were startled to watch our adorable snuggle bug transform into such an intimidating predator towards other dogs and animals. With little detail about her past, we still are unaware of what exactly happened in her life to lead to such violent displays of aggression.

We quickly realized our dog training level needed to be upgraded if we wanted to keep our wonderful new pup and give her the life she deserves. While we were not new to dog training, until you get a dog with major issues, you don’t really know what true dog training needs to look like. Yes, teaching your dog tricks and sits is great, but what we do takes dog training to a completely different level.



No dog deserves to live with unwanted anxiety, fear, or anger and no owner deserves to live in concern over their dog’s behavior.

Our approach to dog training is the formation and growth of a bond between human and pup. Through our unique execution of consistent obedience coaching, persistent praise, and holding dogs accountable for their actions we have and continue to change many dogs’ lives. We are able to transform any dog into one of ultimate obedience, stellar behavior, proper manners, and a willingness to perform.

Ultimately, we believe that dog training relies on the foundation of building trust and confidence connecting dog and owner.

Quickly through our training, we transformed Lucy and molded her into the loyal, loving, obedient, and happy pup she is today.

But it didn’t stop here.

The more we learned about dog shelter numbers and the lack of education around dog training in Louisville, the more we wanted to make a difference. We decided that our knowledge and lessons learned needed to be shared with others.

And so came the birth of K9 Trainology.

Now, with all of this growth and achievement for K9, there’s so much to share! This blog will serve as our way of better getting the word out to dog owners like you about what K9 is up to and what we can do to help you and your pup’s bond.

K9 Trainology has a lot to offer these days that a lot of people, even our clients, may not realize! A number of people have come to us saying things how they wished we had alternate services outside of private lessons. Little do people know we have a whole suite of services, and what we don’t offer is most likely on our list of how we plan to grow in the near future!



Here’s a look at our top 4 most popular dog services offered at K9!

K9 Private Training (K9PT) brings the dog training to you, and offers a one on one approach to our teaching. With K9PT, our top trainer comes to you. We offer weekly lessons at a location of your choice. Typically our K9PT clients choose to meet at their home or a local park nearby. K9 does allow the use of the property at our facility. Along with our weekly private lessons, homework is given to owners to encourage continued training throughout the week between lessons. Our K9 Private Training is for those clients local to the Louisville Metro Area and surrounding counties.

K9 Board and Train (K9BT) takes the load off your shoulders. With K9BT, you can drop your dog off to stay with us for our in-facility, 2-week training. We take your dog and let them call our place home for a couple of weeks, our very own doggy boot camp!  Over our 2-week training period, your pup will learn all of their basic and intermediate  commands as well as our unique approach to manners and behavior coaching. K9BT is offered to anyone located within 3 hours of Louisville, KY.

K9 Board and Play (K9BP) lets your dog come stay with us, without the need for training. Whether you’re going on vacation, out of town, or just need the night away from your pup, you can leave the little one with us. We offer stays in comfy, spacious areas as well as letting your dog roam in house, as well as getting outside play times with a huge yard, a pool to swim in, the parklands within walking distance, and all the love any dog could ask for.

K9 Doggy Daycare (K9DD) offers a comforting solution to dog parents for while they’re away during the day. Our team watches your dog through the day for you to give you the comfort of knowing your dog is being looked after with care. Our Doggy Daycare location is conveniently located in the East End of Louisville, KY right off of Shelbyville Road.



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