Group Class Rules

K9 Trainology Group Rules & Policies

LEASH RULE –  all dogs must be leashed at ALL times, secured with a flat 4-6 foot NON RETRACTABLE, NON HOMEMADE leash, and under the verbal and physical control by their handler(s) during any K9 Trainology activities. We prefer biothane or leather leashes be used. We have found they are the most effective for both handler and pet.


DOG ETIQUETTE – Please be alert and mindful at all times while on the training field. Have an eye on your pet and others at all times. It’s important to note that not ALL dogs are FRIENDLY, or like to be approached by strangers, other animals, or children.  Please do not allow your dog to greet another dog unless you’ve asked permission from the handler and K9 Trainology Instructors first, please keep a safe 13-foot distance from other animals during all K9T activities.


We respectfully request that each handler be responsible to pick up and clean up after their pet during any K9T activities. Please bring poop bags with you while training. If you forget, please ask someone if you can borrow a bag, don’t just leave pet waste around because you don’t happen to have a poop bag.


Weekly homework is given out at the end of each class, whether you are group training, private, or both, completing weekly homework assignments is an absolute must for you and your pet to benefit and receive the maximum results from our training.


Your pet is 100% your responsibility at all times and while engaging in any and all K9T activities. Please keep a watchful eye on your pet at all times.


All Vet recommended, up to date Vaccinations for your pet are mandatory to participate in any K9T activities. Pets should also be checked for internal parasites while under the care of their regular Vet and treated before coming to any group training class or K9T activity.  Flea and internal parasite prevention is highly recommended. Please check your pet for fleas regularly and promptly treat if found. Fleas can get out of control very quickly, so prevention is key.  Proof of up to date vaccinations must be provided in order to participate in any K9T activities. You may email them to or a physical copy can be brought to class and given to one of the instructors. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Please bring fresh water and a bowl to each class with you for your pet.


EQUIPMENT NEEDED – We use different training collars for different activities. After your first lesson we will suggest what type of collar will be best suited for you and your pet. Recreational/Fun Agility we use flat collars only. All activities are done with the 4-6 foot flat, non retractable leash. We also use 15-30 foot long lines (check cord) for some activities.


DISMISSAL – K9T reserves the right to dismiss any dog and handler from class or membership if he/she fails to adhere to the club policies and rules. All cases will be individually evaluated and final decision is at owner/trainer’s discretion to maintain the safety of it’s members.


Unaltered, Female dogs in season may participate in group training with Instructor’s approval and permission ONLY. Please let us know if your Female is in heat before coming to class, special instructions may be given at trainer’s discretion.


Agility equipment, inside or outside may not be used without instructor permission and prior training of all equipment prior to use. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OF THIS EQUIPMENT UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED TO TO. Improper use of equipment may lead to unnecessary injury to you and your dog. All members use this equipment at their own risk.


All Family members of the pet are welcome to participate in group or private training lessons.


Children 14 and older are welcome to train with a responsible parent present and assisting at K9T discretion only.


Your First Class – Please bring a training collar, a 4-6 foot non retractable, non homemade leash, poop bags, a water bowl, and plenty of water for your dog. Please arrive 20 minutes early for your first class to introduce your pet to us and acclimate him/her before class begins. We will go over safety rules with you before class.  At the end of your first class our instructors will check with you and go over any questions you may have and give you recommendations for equipment that you will need to bring to your future classes and assign homework assignments to be completed for your next class. Please take your pet to the bathroom before class starts.


Well behaved Children are welcome to observe and attend training classes, as long as they are supervised by a parent. Parents are solely responsible for their children’s behavior, actions, and any damage caused by their children. Children must be under the parental control at all times. Parents must supervise their children during the entire class. No Running, or yelling will be permitted by children in class. Since not all dogs are accustomed to being around children and may not be comfortable or friendly towards children, children should be instructed to NEVER approach or pet any other dog in class.


Beginner handlers may only work one dog at a time per class. More advanced handlers may work more than dog at a time per class and is at the sole discretion of K9T.


Inclement weather happens from time to time. Thunderstorms, below freezing temps, wind chills, and high heat index days applies to inclement weather incidents. K9T reserves the right to cancel any group or private training classes due to inclement weather. This decision will be at the sole discretion of K9T for the safety of our members. Each member will be notified via email or facebook group should this arise. Make ups will be done at the discretion of K9T due to inclement weather.


Special Notes – Safety is our TOP PRIORITY, for the protection of all club members, participants, guests, and instructors K9T reserves the right to decline entry to any member and pet who presents with behavioral issues that may be dangerous or disruptive to any group classes. You will be referred to our private one on one or board and train behavioral training program.  This will be determined at the sole discretion by the K9T owners/instructors. Club members participate in any/or all activities at their OWN RISK.


Payment – our GROUP training club membership fees are currently $95/month, meeting 45 minutes to 1 hour on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm. Meeting dates, times, and fees may be subject to change at K9T discretion. If this is your first group session, please arrive 20 minutes prior to group class start time at 6:10pm for your initial evaluation of your dog. Each member will be notified should any meeting place, date, time, and or fee changes occur.


No shows for group or private training memberships will NOT BE REFUNDED. We ask that you notify us by email, text or by phone if you cannot make group classes or private lessons. Things do come up and we understand you may not always be able to get to class. Please understand that NO REFUNDS will can given for no shows to group classes. On occasion, with proper notification, if you are a private member we can sometimes do a make up day at the the discretion and scheduling of our trainers. We ask that you give 24-hour notice of cancellation whenever possible. We will do everything we can to accommodate you and your dog.


Every dog WANTS & NEEDS a MASTER. Every dog needs structure, discipline, love, and training. Training your pet is the MOST HUMANE and FAIR thing you can ever provide for your pet!!!  Don’t BLAME THEM, TRAIN THEM are important words we live by, and practice.

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